Guest House VENTUS B&B

Hotel Rules and Regulations

Please refer to the current rules in our Holiday House. This will allow both parties to avoid unpleasant situations. We would appreciate your cooperation in complying with these regulations, which should serve to ensure you a pleasant and peaceful rest.

  • Reservation – written, by e-mail or phone is valid from the moment the down payment is made. That is – 30% of the whole price which should be paid within 2 days from reservation time. In case of booking 3 hotel days, 100% of down payment is necessary. Lack of the down payment within a fixed deadline will cause a cancellation of reservation. After receiving the payment we will send you the confirmation (via email or text message). The price for room renting is taken on the arrival day, according to your booking. If an invoice is needed, please let us know on your arrival day.
  • In the event of the early check out a refund is not possible.
  • The Hotel Guest is not allowed to provide other people with his/her room, even if the hotel day, for which he/she paid, has not passed.
  • Visitors of the guest should leave hotel prior to 22:00 and visit only with prior consent of the Reception.
  • Rooms are reserved for a hotel day, which starts at 14:00 and end at 10:00 am next day.
  • The guest is being given a key and an access code to the front door. In case of losing the key, a fee of 50 PLN is charged.
  • From the moment the guest is being given the key, he/she becomes the host. The room can be cleaned on request; the service can be discussed with the staff.
  • It is allowed to use the parking spot indicated by the hotel at the check in. The Guest will be given a card with room number which must be kept behind the windscreen of a car in a visible place.
  • For the guests’ comfort and safety, SMOKING IS FORBIDDEN in the hotel 
  • (applies to the bathrooms).
  • Night time quiet applies from 22:00 to 6:00 am.
  • Behaviour of the guests staying at the Ventus Holiday House should not disturb the peace of other Guests. The hotel has the right to refuse to provide services to the person who breaks that rule.
  • Keeping animals in the hotel is not allowed.
  • Ventus Holiday House is not liable to any loss or damage of items brought to the hotel by the guest.
  • Due to fire safety requirements, it is not allowed to use the electrical equipment, which is not the hotel room equipment, in particular, heaters, electric cookers etc. It is also forbidden to use naked flame.
  • Hotel guests are fully responsible for any material damage and destruction of the hotel’s equipment and technical facilities that may arise from their fault or the fault of people visiting them. The guest is obliged to inform the hotel about any incident that has occurred.
  • In the case of a guest violating the provisions of the Rules and Regulations, the hotel can refuse to provide services to that person. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with the requests of the hotel, even to leave the hotel without the refund.
  •  The breakfast is served from 08:30am to 10:30am.
  •  The hotel will not disclose guests’ personal data to third parties.

Thank you for familiarizing yourself with the rules and we wish you a pleasant rest.